Fortunskaya Larisa PodologHello, there!!!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Larisa Fortunskaya. I love my life, my family , my Odessa and podology as well.

I like studying. I’ve studied allot in my life and  I have a lot of experience in medical practice. But finally I left medicine and started dealing with cosmetology but not for long. Then I changed my carrier again and became a podologist To tell the truth at first I dealt with manicuring with all those thecniques of nail extension and decorating. But while  dealing with a client’s nail I kept owerwatching my colleague sitting at the neighboring table who literally modelled a foot at her own client and so I’ve started dealing with podology. The love is sealed with blood.

Once I had to be treated by surgeon for I applied to him suffering from ingrown nail.   Unluckily I’ve got to know of podology much later… though who knows, Praps that’s why I understand my clients so well.

As long as 15 yrs on end I keep practicing and learning in the branch I’ve been perfecting my skills as well as my continual studies. At that I’ve been always ready to share my knowledge with all those who wish to learn… So I also enjoy teaching podology. My students are working in Ukraine, Belarussia, Russia, Moldova and Israel. Even in Kazakhstan. I can not be like a  Dead Sea that is why and dead, what only gets but gives nothing  I do not can.I am divded by the knowledge with all on educating and in book. I’ve already written a textbook on podology called ‘The podologist’s ABC book’ and so the geography of my readers has been widened significantly. No doubt it’s pleasant for me, I like all kinds of pleasantresses very much at all So it’s a great pleasure to meet you. You’re welcome to visit my site.

Чем я могу быть полезна?